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  • Skrea Vandrarhem Team

For you who love to train during your holidays!

Hi Friends, we are really happy to inform you than from today all our guests in Skrea Vandrarhem can have ONE FREE TEST CLASS in Falkenberg Academy. So you do not miss your training when you are visiting Falkenberg.

Oh la laaa! Falkenberg Academy, is a Sport Center where you can find a gran variarety of classes. For adults you will find classes like Zumba, Strong Nation, Boxing for Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Belly Dance, Capoeira and Zumba Gold (Zumba low intensity) Incredible right? But doesn´t stop there, they also have classes for kids, Circus Acrobatics, Capoeira, Aerial Acrobatics, Ballet, Handcraft, Painting, Zumba Kids and Zumba Kids Jr, Zumba Teens, Jungle Jr, Boxing for Kids, Zumbini and Stretching and Contortion. Yes!! We know! Is a lot!! And the best part that you will love is that is just one door from hour Hostel!! Wow!!! BETTER IMPOSIBLE!

So now the big question, how do you book?

Is really simple, you can check their webpage and check their schedule of all the classes they have, choose the one that fits better for the days you will stay in Falkenberg and then you have two options:

1- You can send an email directly to us to with you booking number and telling us which class you will like to try and we fix your booking with them.

2- You can make your booking directly in their webpage and when you are filling in your information in the form, section "partnerships" you Write Skrea Vandrarhem and your booking number.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to take more classes with them is really simple, you pay 100kr per class, or use their Summer Promo, you pay 500kr and you can go to 6 of their classes!

So YES! We know! Now you do not have any excuse to have fun, take sun, and train during your vacation.

See you soon! Skrea Vandrarhem Team

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